The Lady angle


The lady angle

The Lady Angle is an entire week in August dedicated to getting our gals fly fishing in the Wallowas. All women guides. All skill levels welcome. August 1-7 we are offering 4-hour guided trips on a private stretch of the Wallowa River. Each guide can accommodate 2 people per trip so feel free to sign up and grab a friend. Come to learn, come to improve, or simply come to fish in a non-competitive environment, but whatever your reasons come and get your feet wet with us.

Cost: $350 per guided session (remember you can split this with a friend)

All equipment/flies provided.


sickfloot flies

Sickfoot Flies showing some love for lady anglers:

First six women to place a deposit for The Lady Angle get a mini fly box with a 1/2 doz. flies— “The 6 Ranch Mix”

All registered women get 15% off coupon for any online or custom fly orders through October.

All women guides get 20% off custom orders placed prior to and through end of the event.

Two Sickfoot fly boxes with 2 doz. flies/box raffled at the event (approx. $65 value).

Mini box with 1 doz. flies available for sale on site for $17/box (This is ~15% off normal price).



Grab a friend & get on the books

Come fish for rainbow trout and mountain white fish!

Sign up at



dm @buckskinacres on Instagram for any questions.